About Us

Because your health can’t wait…


At Citam we want to help and advise you so that you can get a medical appointment quickly with reliable professionals.

Our team are experts in the healthcare sector, which allows us to understand the needs of patients and help them to find the best specialists from any affiliated centre.

Are you worried about your health or that of your loved ones? Contact us through any of our channels, we will help you find the right professional in each case and we will arrange an appointment tailored to your needs.

At Citam we adapt to your needs and preferences to be in contact with you and help you find the professional that best suits your case.

We will manage an appointment with the professional that best suits your needs, both clinical and personal.

We offer 4 types of appointment, depending on the urgency you need:

Immediate: attention in 24 hours.
Preferential: attention in up to 3 working days.
Agile: attention from 4 to 10 working days.
Standard: attention from 10 working days.

Although our base rate is 60€, you can check the details and get your appointment in the professionals section or by contacting us through the channel of your choice:

Call us free of charge on 900 060 110
Write us by WhatsApp at 694 28 71 25
Send us an email to sau@citam.com
You can also use any of the forms on this website